About Us


Our company was born and developed in a system of respect, love and conservation of nature and everything that is part of it. We have over 20 years making a difference with the personalized attention which the discovery of the beauty and adventure with us will be an unforgettable experience.




Without a team and supporters, the development of a company is not possible. Therefore, we would like to thank the people who continuously help us continue to grow. Thanks for the work, support, motivation and energy that you share with us.


GABRIEL´S RANCH" was founded by Gabriel (official professional tour guide) in order to achieve the dream that was born of a great love of nature, and horses, he is responsible for the operational aspects of the company, is likely to be the voice that will answer the phone and explain our services, he will guide most travel, it is the engine by which the company operates and charisma accompany you on the adventure of discovery.