Terms and Conditions


All services we offer are subject to the terms and conditions of the Rancho "Gabriel's RANCH". Therefore, we welcome them to review them carefully before you formalize your reservation.

Then we will detail the terms and conditions to make a reservation with us, which determine our responsibilities are limited.



Our rates are in US dollars. To make a booking, you must make a deposit of 100% of the cost of that service.

PAYMENT SYSTEMS: We would appreciate realize your payment via bank transfer, or Paypal,



The cancellation of any requested reservation is subject to the following conditions: If cancellation is 07 days before the departure, will be refunded the cost of the requested service 100%. If the cancellation is 01 day before the departure, they will be refunded 50% of the cost of the service requested. If the cancellation is the day of the tour is considered no show, there will be no refund.



 "Gabriel's RANCH" reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time caused by diverse as climate or social factors that endanger the integrity or security of both participants and our team. Under such circumstances, Gabriel's RANCH return the amount paid for the service. Gabriel's RANCH is not responsible for loss of air links, travel expenses and / or related.



At the time of you. Make cash deposit required services with us, you. Same certifies that is in optimal physical and psychological to make a ride conditions, meaning that not require any effort on his part to meet your expectations about the requested service and less complicated or harm the other participants that enjoy a good experience in the Peruvian Andes. Please consult with your doctor.


You can not receive ongoing medical care, if any evacuation this can take a half-hour. Gabriel's RANCH takes no responsibility to provide voluntary care.



Before venturing on any trip, strictly we recommend taking out an insurance policy that will provide protection and coverage both you. As your family or someone who depends on you. In case of loss of belongings, accidents, illness or death.



Gabriel's RANCH, its owners, agents, members, managers, employees and other workers are not responsible for any loss, damage, delays, defaults, and other deaths that result from negligent acts of third parties that provide complementary services to services we provide directly. Gabriel's RANCH is not responsible for accidents of any kind whether caused by negligence, incompetence or others with our dogs that may arise during the development of the rides. From the moment you. Make the deposit for the service requested, will you. Accepting all aforementioned above.



The cost caused by delays is not included, the programs may be delayed by several factors such as bad weather, bad road conditions, delays in transportation, government regulations, or epidemics, etc. Gabriel's RANCH why can not provide more alternative solutions.



Every participant has Gabriel's RANCH responsibilities as well as the other members of the group. All participants in our riding fully assume the responsibility to be informed of everything that is expected from themselves according to their development in the group, and are also responsible for taking the most appropriate tour according to their physical conditions-mental and basically your equestrian experience. Participants who have medical complications or specific diets, have an obligation to promptly report such problems Gabriel's RANCH.


Participants are responsible for showing up on time and at the place designated to begin his ride.

Every participant is obliged to have full knowledge of the details included or not included in the payment made by the service taken according to the travel schedule.

If someone does not want your picture to be used in printed materials or other for the promotion of our rides, you must do so knowing Gabriel's RANCH properly.



This is the first and crucial step in choosing the most appropriate tour for you. For most of our rides over two days,  You must have full knowledge about the characteristics and skills needed to make a ride across country .


If you. You want to participate in a parade where required to have more experience to yours, please contact us to provide additional classes that strengthen their level at the facilities of our ranch. We can teach you the essentials you need to know for style riding on horses. That would improve their level and could be eligible to participate in one of our rides



The horse rider who has limited experience, has complications to handle the reins, is not able to maintain a good balance on your implement.



The horse rider is able to assemble and disassemble alone and unassisted, able to control the reins of his horse and can remain comfortably on his horse.



The horse rider who has a good balance on his horse, uncomplicated controls his horse but not riding frequently.



The horse rider riding regularly, and remains comfortable on your horse for at least 6 hours daily.



All the above mentioned, with mastery of styles and able to control a copy of good temperament and in the open.